A Poetic God

I am excited to announce the release of our latest author Roxanne Thomas!

A Poetic God is a re-introduction of poetry to this age. Poetry is considered one of the most important form of literature in the world by many who understands the essence of it. Poetry is also the song of the heart which was a tune that the great poets of old used to sing, such as King Solomon and the Psalmist David, William Shakespeare, John Milton, and more recent, Angela Mayo, Mark Jarman, Dana Gioia and Andrew Hudgins.

This book comprises of various forms of poetry from Haiku to Cinquain, to Sonnet Shakespeare, free verse and others. All revealing a side of God that many didn’t know exist. Each page of this book flows from the streams of God’s heart. Be sure to pick up your copy soon on Amazon. #NewRelease#ComingSoon


Purpose Driven

Purpose driven is

purpose given

ensure that you are purpose-living


set the sails high

pursue and fly

purposely living by motivation from deep within


defy the odds

rely on your inner prods

only you holds the key to unlock, and be purpose driven.


By Roxanne

Photo by Digital Trends


Sweet Barbuda!

Sweet Barbuda, the land of my Alma Mater

pink sandy beaches, sun and sea

Barbuda,  a place of peace and tranquility


Long Bay, River, Palmetto Point

Indigo, Park and Malatta quarter

Adventures around every corner


Nesting in the Codrington lagoon

Feathery bursts of excitement

Nature’s treasure, Frigate Bird Sanctuary


by Roxanne

Photo by The Beach House