About The Author

Roxanne Thomas, a devoted child of God was born on the 13th February 1983 in Valley, Virgin Gorda, British Virgin Islands and is the fifth of seven children.

Miss Thomas is a proud mother of four children, two boys and two girls; Shemar, Jaiden, Kiara and Trinice.

She has been a serving member of the Royal Virgin Islands Police Force for almost ten years. She is an active member of Live It Faith Tabernacle Church which is pastored by Reverend Leona Stevens. Miss Thomas is a person who keeps connected to God through prayer and believes that it is fundamental for intimacy with the King.

Miss Thomas was educated at Bregado Flax Educational Center primary and secondary school and has also received training at the Alternative Secondary Educational Programme. She is presently enrolled in the Teacher Education programme at H. Lavity Stoutt Community College pursuing an Associated degree.

After casually writing for several years, Miss Thomas has discovered her God-given talent to express herself through writing, specifically poetry. In one of the major steps towards harnessing this gift within her, she has decided to go public and to let her voice be heard. Miss Thomas has dedicated this book to her children and to enrich the lives of everyone that seeks to establish a relationship with Christ Jesus.
Miss Thomas finds joy in writing and believes that words on paper are memories that can last forever.

Her philosophy is that with hard work, dedication, determination and lots of prayer and faith in God are the key components for successful living.


With the flicker of an eye

And the licking of the lips

Do foolish men fall prey


With the steps in her stride

And the swaying of her hips

Do besotted men collide


With the smell of her perfume

And the remainder of her costume

Are thoughtless men caught in the tide


With the bright of his smile

And the shine in his eye

Do foolish women enter the trap


With the height of his stature

And the width of his shoulder

Do obsessed women come over


With the six of his pack

And the broadness of his back

Do thoughtless women launch an attack


Pleasures of a semi-conscious state

Awaking to the bittersweet effects of their fate.


by Roxanne

Photo by Depositphoto


Silently she emerged

at the break of dawn

unfolding her petals

like a graceful swan


Perched between all that life sends

Standing boldly, her statement defends


“I am beautiful

Beautifully made,

Made to display His glory

Gloriously made


A Rose made not to hide her glory

This beauty has confidence

Confident in my story”


Life has challenged me, yet I smile

The victory I’ve gained, was worth the while


Many have disappointed me, yet I thrive

But determined I am, to run the extra mile


I am bold

Boldly I stand

Made to display courage

Courageous I am


My scars do not define me

My wounds cannot entangle me


Inflicted to cause permanent damage

yet, with Christ Jesus I manage


by Roxanne

Photo by Roxanne Thomas